Note: If you would like to use the pytc API in addition to the GUI, we recommend installing the python scientific computing stack and then installing pytc-gui via the pip method.

Demo heat files for testing the GUI are here.

Windows or Mac installation

For users who only want to use the GUI

  • Windows: download the installation file and follow the prompts for the installer.
  • Mac: download the dmg, unpack it, and then drag the pytc icon into the Applications folder.

It will install its own mini python scientific computing stack, independent of other python distributions installed on the system.

pip installation (windows, mac, or linux)

For users who want to use the GUI and API or for users who want to use an existing python installation

Make sure that python3 and pip3 are already installed (see below).

Option 1: pip. In a terminal, type:

pip3 install pytc-gui

Option 2: git. In a terminal, type:

git clone
cd pytc-gui
pip3 install .

Installing python3

You can obtain python3 from the following sources:

  • Anaconda. A single large installation with binaries for windows, mac, and linux.
  • WinPython. A single large installation for windows.
  • Package managers (linux and mac). For example, the Ubuntu command would be: sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip
  • The main python binary for windows, mac, and linux.

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